SonarQube is an open source platform used by development teams to manage the quality of source code, designed to make coding quality management fast and accessible to all team members.

To do this, SonarQube provides code analyzers, reporting tools, troubleshooting modules and Time Machine as core features. In addition, it has a plugin mechanism that allows you to understand it and make it the focal point for quality, addressing not only the issues of developers, but also the needs of managers.

In terms of languages SonarQube supports Java, C / C ++, COBOL, ABAP, HTML, RPG, JavaScript, TypeScript, Objective C, XML, VB.NET, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Flex, Python, Groovy, PHP, Swift, Visual Basic, PL/I. More languages can be added easily through plugins.

SonarQube understands the quality of the project code through 7 axes:

  • Code Duplication
  • Code Standards
  • Code Complexity
  • Unitary Tests
  • Potential Bugs
  • Comments
  • Design and Architecture

SonarQube can be used for timely audits, but it is designed to support a strategy of continuous global improvement in code quality, so it can be used as a shared central repository for quality management.

In future posts I want to demonstrate the installation, configuration and advantages of SonarQube in iOS and macOS projects with Swift.

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