Udacity – Face generation

In this project, you'll use generative adversarial networks to generate new images of faces.

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Udacity – Text translation

In this project, i'll going to take a peek into the realm of neural network machine translation.

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Udacity – TV script generation

In this project, i'll generate your own Simpsons TV scripts using RNNs.

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Superdigital – Crowndfunding

See how sinmple it is to do a crowndfunding with yours friends.

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Superdigital – Split bills

See how simple it to split bills with your friends.

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Udacity – Image classification

Classify images from the CIFAR-10 dataset to train a convolutional neural network.

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Superdigital – Manifesto

The money that you know is with the days counted. Superdigital has arrived, the version of your money. Just add $ and start moving. Download, explore, try it.

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A Superdigital é uma fintech do Grupo Santander que tem como missão transformar a maneira como o dinheiro é movimentado entre pessoas.

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Udacity – Bike share

Build a neural network and use it to predict daily bike rental ridership.

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Desenvolvimento móvel: Híbrido vs Nativo

Neste hangout me reuno com alguns amigos para conversar sobre o desenvolvimento de aplicativos móveis.

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