SonarQube – Run code quality analyses with Fastlane

In the eighth and last post in the SonarQube series, I using Fastlane to automate and run the first project analysis.

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SonarQube – Setup Xcode Project

In the seventh post in the SonarQube series, I set up Xcode to generate project coverage data.

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SonarQube – Swift pre requirements

In the sixth post in the SonarQube series, I install the necessary plugins for Swift code analysis.

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SonarQube – Moving from H2 database to PostgreSQL database

In the fifth post in the SonarQube series, I will address the issue of embedded database vs SQL database.

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SonarQube – Installation

In the fourth post of the series, I'll cover the installation of SonarQube and SonarScanner.

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SonarQube – Choosing Between Continuous Delivery Releases and LTS Releases

In the third post in the series SonarQube I make some considerations between the LTS distribution and not LTS.

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SonarQube – Pre requirements setup in macOS Mojave

This is the second post in the SonarQube series. It prepares the Mojave macOS for SonarQube installation.

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SonarQube – Code quality analysis tool

This is the first of 8 posts dedicated to covering the installation, configuration and usage of SonarQube.

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Udacity – Face generation

In this project, I'll use generative adversarial networks to generate new images of faces.

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Udacity – Language translation

In this project, I'm going to take a peek into the realm of neural network machine translation.

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